Support Facilities

  • Spacious Kitchen

  • Red Oak Ranch Kitchen

    The kitchen is a caterer’s dream come true! It has wide open work areas and a serving window that opens to the Grand Hall. There are separate swing hinge doors for the wait staff to use “in” and “out” of the kitchen to streamline serving guests. Food preparation and clean-up go twice as fast because the kitchen is equipped with two refrigerators, two stoves, two ovens, microwave and two dishwashers. The custom made island counters are dual purpose for food preparation and serving. They were designed with the ability to be moved and repositioned to accommodate the caterer’s needs or a serving line.


Private Events

We can make it work so you don't have to.

We know it's a hassle to get your house ready for that friendly gathering. So, leave the work up to us so that you can sit back and enjoy the festivities. Whether you are planning a party for one of your kiddos or an adult evening with just you and a few good friends we can help.

Bring us your next:

- Birthday - Quinceañera
- Anniversary - Graduation Party
- Super Bowl Party - Family Reunion


Need a theme? Here are some starter suggestions:

For that adult gathering why not create some fast excitement with a NASCAR theme? How about a special Hawaii theme complete with a luau?

Want to impress your daughter? Then go for it. Treat her like the princess she is with her very own princess birthday party.

Have younger children? That's great and even more of a reason to come out to Red oak. Let's create that perfect cowboy, Harry Potter, or fantasy birthday event.

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