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Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can you accommodate?

The Grand Hall can hold around 350 people. Plus there are four sets of French doors that can be opened to the back porch to accommodate more guests. There is also extra space on the lawn for extra tables & tents.

How long do we get to use the facilities?

This depends on the event type, but generally we allow a full day for any event plus any pre-planning meetings and a day to setup the event.

What is standard with all the packages?

All the packages include a Floor Plan Day, a decorating day, set-up & take down of the tables, chairs & cleaning up the Event Hall. The Event Manager will be on hand through out the event to oversee & keep things stocked. For more details see our packages page.

Why don't you put your event pricing on your web site?

We attempt to be flexible in our pricing as a way to give you the most opportunities to create your perfect event. Our packages outline the basic options, but when you talk to us, we will help you make the right selection based on your budget. See our wedding packages here.

Does Red Oak Ranch allow alcohol?

Yes, alcohol is allowed & security is provided. If, however, a guest become disruptive, they may be asked to leave in order to protect the safety of all guests and staff.

What is the decorating policy?

We want you to be as creative as possible without causing damage to the facility. Please do not use tape, tacks or nails on the walls, stair rails or doors. All candles must be in glass containers and placed in a way that will not create a fire hazard.

How do you reserve the event date & what is the payment process?

To reserve a specific date for your event, you need to fill out the event agreement and include a deposit. You are then put on a monthly payment schedule to complete your payments. You also have the option to pay in full at the time we sign agreement or 90 DAYS prior to event date.

Do you handle corporate or private events differently?

No. The same set up, cleaning and removing personal items policies are the same for any event type. If you need additional consideration for things, be sure to discuss those with our event manager.

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