Support Facilities

  • Spacious Kitchen

  • The kitchen is a caterer’s dream come true! It has wide open work areas and a serving window that opens to the Grand Hall. There are separate swing hinge doors for the wait staff to use “in” and “out” of the kitchen to streamline serving guests. Food preparation and clean-up go twice as fast because the kitchen is equipped with two refrigerators, two stoves, two ovens, microwave and two dishwashers. The custom made island counters are dual purpose for food preparation and serving. They were designed with the ability to be moved and repositioned to accommodate the caterer’s needs or a serving line.



Corporate Events

They call it a board room for a reason. Get out of that boring office and out for some fresh air and ideas for your next company event.

Red Oak Ranch Events is especially suited for your corporate event. We can host retirement parties, corporate retreats, staff meetings and training, trade shows and entertainment for your prominent clients. Our facilities are equipped with wi-fi internet and plenty of room to customize your layout. We work with you to plan every detail. Our commitment to your success starts with the pre-planning meeting. At this time we go over your particular needs and assess the best way to accommodate you. During planning we create floor layout options with specific furnishings designed for the best possible experience. We can also coordinate with local catering companies, or work with the catering company of your choosing. Our fully equipped kitchen is suitable for any food preparation and serving requirements.

We also have plenty of space for breaks and have a nearby golf course for those wanting a little extra recreation during your event. Please let us know in advance if you want to take your team out for a golf outing so we can make arrangements for you. Leave the details to us.

Need some help planning your event? We provide complimentary planning assistance to help you create the perfect experience. One of the more popular options is to create a theme party. Her are some suggestions to help get the creative process started:

Doing awards? Why not go Hollywood? Present your awards like its a night at the Oscars. Bring the glamour of Hollywood to the party.

Have a more mature crowd? Then bring back the glory of yesteryear with a decades theme. Go to the roaring 20'3 or the disco of the 70's. It's all fun.

Does your team have a favorite movie or TV series? If so, tap into that as a theme for your event.

Of course there is the ever popular sports theme. In Texas we love our football, but you may want to explore a different sport for your event.

Another fun theme is the fiesta. Create a festive and fun environment for your attendees complete with a rousing game of pinata.

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